Forest expert on new climate study: “reforestation alone won’t do it”.

Current calculations show that new forests could massively offset CO2 emissions. But it’s not that simple, explains Jana Ballenthien.

Can solve some, but not all of the climate crisis: Trees of tomorrow Photo: bauminvest

site: Ms. Ballenthien, a study published in the journal Science on Friday concluded that new forests on barely used land could offset two-thirds of all CO2 emissions. Does that mean that reforestation can save us from climate death?

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Housing situation of refugees: berlin does not make it

In almost all German states, refugees no longer live in emergency shelters. Only in Berlin are thousands still living in precarious housing conditions.

Moving out of emergency shelters – already done in many places Photo: dpa

About a year and a half after the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants to Germany, 15,000 refugees are still living in emergency shelters in this country – and 90 percent of them in Berlin. This is the result of a Spiegel survey of the 16 states. According to the survey, most of the federal states have now managed to close their emergency quarters and provide better accommodation for the people.

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Election analysis for berlin: political pettiness

The CDU became the strongest force in Berlin, but lost votes to the FDP and AfD. Left-wing voters also switched to the AfD.

Berliners are choosy: no party convinced more than 23 percent Photo: dpa

The formerly large parties CDU and SPD are convincing fewer and fewer voters in Berlin. Only a meager 17.9 percent of Berliners voted for the SPD in Sunday’s federal election, putting the Social Democrats in third place behind the Left Party (18.8 percent). Although the CDU was the strongest party in the capital, it only received 22.7 percent – less than a quarter of the vote. The Greens remained almost constant at 12.6 percent.

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Werder-bayern in the women’s bundesliga: not the same neck and neck

Against runners-up Bayern Munich, Werder Bremen’s Bundesliga women also lose their second match after being promoted again by a clear margin.

Appreciates the morale of her team: Bremen’s captain Lina Hausicke, here in the match against Frankfurt Photo: dpa

As expected, there was nothing to be gained against runners-up Bayern Munich in the second match of the season in the women’s Bundesliga. The women of Werder Bremen were defeated 4-0 by the visitors from the south, who were packed with national players from all over Europe and had beaten SC Sand 6-0 at the start of the season.

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Un population fund without u.s. Money: population policy canceled

The U.S. State Department stops payments for the program. The fund allegedly promotes forced abortions in China.

Chinese population policy is used as an excuse to cancel aid programs Photo: reuters

The US State Department will stop payments to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). In a letter made public on Monday, the State Department states, among other things, that UNFPA supports or co-administers a program of forced abortions and sterilizations in China.

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Transport turnaround in election programs: dare to cycle more

Most parties want to promote cycling – not so the AfD and FDP. Nevertheless, the ADFC cycling club does not want to make an election recommendation.

The Greens have always been in favor of cycling. Now they even want to change the road traffic regulations Photo: dpa

In times of Dieselgate, it has become chicer to advocate for the bicycle. Whereas before the 2013 federal election, only the programs of the Greens and the CDU/CSU included concrete measures to promote cycling, this time all parties represented in the Bundestag have something on the topic in their programs: from safe parking spaces to subsidies for e-bikes. Only the AfD and FDP do not comment on the topic.

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Eu-russia relationship: not everyone is welcome

Moscow expels three Western diplomats for taking part in a demonstration. At the same time, Brussels’ foreign envoy holds talks in the Kremlin.

A guest of friends? Josep Borrell at a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow Photo: dpa

Russia expelled several EU diplomats during the visit of EU foreign affairs envoy Josep Borrell to Moscow. The diplomats concerned, from Germany, Poland and Sweden, were declared "undesirables" after they took part in "illegal protests" by the opposition in St. Petersburg and Moscow against the detention of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny on Jan. 23, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said Friday.

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Suspicion of incitement of the people: dispute over right-wing election posters

Incendiary election advertising causes protest in the north. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, NPD posters were taken down, the city of Osnabruck is still waiting.

Apparently, not only cities and municipalities think that NPD posters should be removed Photo: dpa

Unknown persons have set a fire in front of the home of a Jewish couple in Hemmingen near Hanover on Saturday night. In addition, the building and the gate to a nearby allotment garden of the victims had been smeared with the word "Jew," prosecutors and police said Monday. Nobody was injured, the flames in front of the house extinguished by themselves. Nevertheless, the case is taken very seriously, said senior prosecutor Thomas Klinge.

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Trump and the corona crisis: the u.s. Going it alone

Washington accuses Europe of negligence. US President Trump, meanwhile, has had contact with infected people himself, but will not be tested.

By Thursday, the one million test kits were still not available in large parts of the US Photo: John Minchillo/ap

"It’s a failure," immunologist Anthony Fauci says of coronavirus testing in the U.S. "The system is not geared to what we need now." The director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergy says it at a hearing in the U.S. Congress. On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump had given a televised speech. No country is taking more successful action against the virus than the U.S., Trump claimed, announcing entry bans on continental Europeans. He had already declared – contrary to the truth – that every person in the USA had access to the tests.

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Missing israelis in the gaza strip: nothing has happened for months.

Two men, of Ethiopian and Arab origin, have disappeared. The government is calm. A relative sees racism.

The relatives of Avraham Mengisto accuse Israel’s government of racism. Photo: ap

Already for months, two Israeli citizens have disappeared in the Gaza Strip and are presumably held captive by Hamas. This became known on Thursday. One of them is a 28-year-old Israeli of Ethiopian origin named Avraham Mengistu. The identity of the second man is not known. An Israeli court had imposed a gag order. It was lifted after the Israeli newspaper Haaretz filed a lawsuit against it.

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