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Newsome Auto Salvage is a one-stop facility that is dedicated to providing quality, dependable and efficient auto salvage yards and/or dealers. They also provide customers with the option of buying a car from an individual, using the online "Buy it Now" option or going to the salvage yards on the lot. In addition to all these options, they also provide certified used cars at affordable prices. These cars have been inspected and repaired by professional and trained mechanics. These cars are sold to consumers at wholesale prices and are guaranteed to be in top condition and free of defect.

The salvages located in Chicago are managed by the Newsome Auto Salvage LLC. This salvage yard is fully owned by the Newsome Auto Salvage LLC, an entity owned by Bill Haynes. The salvages are managed by Joseph Lora, Jr. and his brother Donnie Lora. Salvage yards can be either privately owned or public.

People looking for good quality used cars should consider using Newsome Auto Salvage since it is the best known name in the auto salvage yard business. Salvages in Chicago are managed by Bill Haynes, who is the president. The business started in 1979 and is run by Mr. Haynes. As the business grew, he decided to hire more people and expand the salvage yards in Chicago. Today, he has twenty-nine cars to pick up and repair at his yard.

As a full-service salvage yard, Newsome Auto Salvage offers its clients a wide selection of both new and used cars in all models and brands. Cars are usually taken for repair from police impound auctions, fire damage, wrecked cars or from owners who do not want to sell their cars. Each car is examined and repaired according to manufacturer specifications. All the repairs are performed by trained technicians who are insured and licensed by state agencies.

You can choose a specific make or model of your car and they will gladly get it checked if it is still under warranty. Some vehicles have had extensive modifications made to them and cannot be easily repaired. In such cases, these cars may be sold with a loss-less trade-in value. Even salvage cars with minor cosmetic problems are sold at a premium.

When you contact Newsome Auto Salvages with the details of your car’s problem, they will first send an appraiser to visit your house and take a detailed report. Then they will offer you a price on the basis of that report. If they cannot get the vehicle appraised for less than what they are charging, then they will try to get it for nothing. However, if the car has extensive damage, they will try to bargain for you to get a price which includes repairs and parts.

There are two ways of getting a vehicle repaired at Newsome Auto Salvage. The first one is to go there yourself and bring your car to them, or you can also call their yard and arrange for a tow. In any case, you will have to get the used cars to their yard for repairs. In that case, you will need to pay a membership fee for this service.

Another way of procuring a car is to go to the yard itself. If you see a potential salvage car, you can either make an offer immediately or let the yard know about your interest. They will inform you within a few hours, whether they would consider your offer or not. Newsome Auto Salvage also has a Used Car Dealer, where you can view and buy used cars.

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