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automotive news editorial

An article about an automotive business is almost always accompanied by a reference to a current or an upcoming automotive news item. But an automotive news editorial isn’t limited to the world of the automobile industry. In fact, many times an automotive news editorial refers to other industries, such as the trucking industry, the medical field, the building trade, and others. These are industries with which there is often great competition, so one way for an editorial writer to attract attention and create interest in his or her publications is to provide information about those other industries that are not so well known.

One way an automotive writer can get information about another industry is to use a public relations strategy. PR can be a wonderful tool when it comes to bringing about positive change in a business or in any organization. There are many people who work in the auto industry who don’t understand why a newspaper devoted an entire article to a review of the Japanese-American hybrid car. But because the article talks about the auto industry, a public relations specialist may have some information for the editor that will make the writer look good.

Another strategy, an experienced journalist can use is to write quality articles and submit them to magazines that might have an interest in those kinds of articles. For example, many publications have a Consumer Reports division that publishes reviews of car dealerships. If a freelance writer has written a piece about how good Orbus has food at its Michigan restaurant, he or she could contact Consumer Reports to see if they would be interested in publishing the article. Sometimes the magazine that receives the article will want to run it in its newsletter or on its website.

If you own a small or medium-sized automotive company, you know how expensive it is to get into the business. If you aren’t very good at marketing, then perhaps you could consider hiring a marketing firm to help you market your business. But even large companies need help from marketing to stay competitive in the marketplace. The kind of help from a marketing firm that local magazine needs might be something as simple as putting the articles in the advertising section instead of on the editorial page. Many times, an automotive trade magazine will run an article about how great X Company is for giving great customer service and yet it costs $400 for a three-page ad.

You can also help the automotive publication by telling them where the bulk of your customers come from. Do you have a lot of salespeople working for you? Then be sure to place that information in the article. Many times people who read your article are going to end up coming into your dealership. That’s why the information about your customer is so important.

An outstanding service to the public like that just isn’t newsworthy. But it sure makes for a good story. In addition to the news-editorial feature, make sure you have plenty of photos, lots of product information and a fair amount of editorial advice about your business. A news editorial will only make sense if there is solid information about your company in the background. This will help the readers understand what it is that you do.

Many times the service offered by the business is the reason for the piece being published in the first place. The editorial staff has a job to do, and they need to do it well. If they don’t do their job well, the readers won’t read the article. They can spot a lukewarm review and think that’s the way it should be. However, if they consistently give bad reviews they aren’t taken very seriously. When they read a critical review, they are more likely to get a good feeling about your business and see you in a different light.

The editorial writer is not selling you anything. The purpose of the editorial is to inform the reader and help them decide if they want to get service from you. If you offer a quality service and information, they will respect your business and read your news release. If they see otherwise they won’t.

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