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Automotive News, also known as Automotive News Europe, is a daily print publication dedicated to the auto industry, generally people affiliated with car manufacturers and car suppliers. headquartered in Detroit and published by Crain Communications Inc., Automotive News is regarded the world’s newspaper of choice for the auto industry. It is widely circulated throughout the world and reaches the people who use cars. The features of Automotive News USA include national coverage, state-wide coverage, international coverage, special reports, tips and articles devoted to every aspect of the car industry. In addition, it carries the International Car Magazine, the newsletter of the International Automobile Journalists Association, and the Automotive Press Association.

Automotive News Europe is published by S&P, a part of Moody’s Corporation. It is published by Morning News, a company of The Chicago Sun Company. The headquarters of Automotive News Europe are located in Leicestershire, England and are accessible through the Internet from the publisher’s website. The headquarters of Automotive News USA are in Detroit, Michigan and are accessed from the Automotive News web site and the Crain Communications website.

Automotive News Europe features articles on various cars and diesel vehicles, classic cars, trucks, buses, automobiles and parts of the auto service industry. It is published throughout Europe but has exclusive listings for UK readers. It is not a substitute for Automotive News USA, which is superior in content, information, and variety of subjects covered. In Automotive News Europe, you can find: the top ten luxury cars; the top twenty trucks; the top twenty passenger cars and vans; the top ten sports cars; and many more. You are also provided with information on automotive repair, servicing, and maintenance, the new car market, and trends in buying a new vehicle.

Automotive News Europe carries the full schedule of meetings and conventions – both national and international – of the Society of Automotive Engineers, N ACE, European Council for Safety Research and Development, ECD Europe, and related organizations. These meetings are of interest to Automotive News readers because the topics are relevant to the readers’ field of expertise. They include: the ninth EEC or European Conference on Diesel Mechanics and Analysis, held in The Netherlands; the fifth European Workshop on Automotive Engineering, held in Warsaw, Poland; and the sixth European Workshop on Vehicle Technology, held in Brugge, Belgium. All these are among the magazine’s many other regular features.

Automotive News Europe covers all areas of interest that it includes in its pages – the practical – the technical – the decorative – and anything else that strikes one’s mind as being relevant to the automotive world. For example, Automotive News Europe carries an article on automatic window shades. The article talks about advantages and disadvantages of using them, the various types available on the market, tips on installation and cleaning, and includes a picture gallery.

Automotive News Europe also has its very own YouTube channel, which has over ten million views as of this writing. Automotive News Europe features a video on installation of rain gutters. Another video shows the process of installing leaf guards and bird feeders. There are also articles regarding buying and selling used cars, the different ways to tune an engine, and tips on maintaining a vehicle’s appearance.

Automotive News Europe – and many other online and print periodicals – also have contests and promotions. For every question that you answer correctly you get a point. The more points that you receive, the closer you get to win a car. You can win cars, coupons, free insurance, and much more. You are even allowed to have a go at driving a certain vehicle, for example a Lamborghini Diablo, in Automotives News Europe!

Automotive News Europe is distributed by Ezine publishers throughout the world. This means that it is easily accessible for subscribers from places such as America, Russia, India, and Germany, as well as Asia and Australia. Many people find that subscribing to Automotives News USA is the most convenient, but Automotives News Europe offers similar benefits to subscribers from almost all countries. Automotive News Europe also includes an onsite newsletter that carries articles, tips, and videos. If you are interested in receiving Automotive News Europe, subscribe today!

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