Autonews magazine – kenya’s most popular magazine

Autonews magazine is an African owned magazine, which caters to the niche needs of the African people. With an experience of almost 25 years, it has consistently been a pioneering and highly successful African-owned magazine that helps African leaders in decision making and guides them towards success in every endeavor. This magazine provides a platform for those who are willing to be a role model and stand up for themselves and their cause. It is a valuable source of information for all age groups and therefore encourages young and old to contribute articles. The magazine also offers other features like cooking tips, business news, celebrity interviews, sport updates and more.

autonews magazine kenya

One can subscribe to this magazine either online or at the outlets located at the different corners of the city. The subscription charges generally range between two to five dollars and one can choose to buy the magazine on a monthly, quarterly, half year or yearly basis. In addition to the subscription charges, one can also get an autoresponder subscription which allows him to send mass emails on various important issues of the magazine.

This highly popular magazine is a valuable source of information and contains timely and current news from all over the world. You can find information on new issues, breaking news, weather, business news, fashion, education, health and lifestyle. It also carries entertainment reviews and features entertainment news. Some of the issues that are published include special feature stories, photo galleries and the normal features. It also carries a large variety of articles that are written by well known authors and journalists.

The issues have some beautiful photographs of the locals and visitors in Africa. The African continent is a large canvas and pictures taken from remote areas give a completely different perspective. Most people have the misconception that African women are exotic and beautiful, but they are far from it. All the women here are well educated and work hard to earn a decent living. They are a true reflection of the African culture and hence they are the best candidates for future bridegrooms. This publication also deals with the various religions and sects of the African continent and you can see how they interact with each other.

It also has some interesting articles written by renowned authors and journalists from around the world. If you are looking for an interesting article that will keep you engaged then you should definitely look out for the issues of this magazine. You will certainly not disappoint you.

People residing in Africa and outside the continent can also purchase this magazine. There are shops located all over the city and you can choose the one you want from them. The magazine costs around 30 dollars and you can expect to receive a copy once a month. So subscribe today and relish the fresh news from all over the world. You will surely get value for your money when you buy a copy of this magazine.

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