Autonews network – a review

If you’re considering signing up with autonews, you should understand what it is and how it works before you do. Autonews is an email marketing tool that allows subscribers to subscribe via an auto-responder and gives them the ability to manage subscriptions, control who see their messages, and unsubscribe from their email list. This article will explain how autonews works, and why it’s a better option than other email marketing solutions.

autonews net au static

As an auto news network subscriber, you receive an email every day with a link to a news article. The news article is about your niche, and the network is simply a distribution partner for that news story. Every time someone subscribes to your list, they are automatically forwarded to the news article, and you don’t have to even make a single email on your own. It’s much easier to manage multiple subscriptions under one mailing list, and Autonews Net presents a good alternative to Mailchimp, Kompozer, and Aweber. Autonews can handle high volumes of traffic and will scale to meet your business needs.

Mailchimp and Aweber both limit the number of people you can give your free email address to, and you have to use their hosting servers for this. Autonews uses your web server as its own mailing list, so you don’t need to worry about limiting how many subscribers you can sign up at one time. You can even provide different email addresses for people on Autonews, so people can unsubscribe from their primary email and join your mailing list in the future. There are no limits on the number of emails you can send out, and you can schedule the emails to go out automatically at anytime, or at certain times throughout the day.

Unlike other email marketing solutions, autonews network allows you to set up your autoresponder with either HTML or text-based formats. The HTML version is more popular because it allows subscribers to customize the look of their subscription page. You can add a lot of different graphics, buttons, and logos to make your newsletter look very appealing. All of the HTML code is placed within your newsletter content, so subscribers can just paste in their email address and it will automatically appear when they open up your message. Text-based methods are usually less user-friendly, but it still allows you to provide your subscribers with a fully customized look.

Autonews Net au Static has a lot of basic features in place that make it easy to use. You can easily send out newsletters to your subscribers with the click of a button, and you have the ability to send them information about special deals or sales on your products or services. Another great tool you have is the option to use automatic email reply campaigns. You can use it for bulk responses to your customers or to send them special offers.

Overall autonews Net Au Static is a solid autoresponder network with a number of features that will help you effectively manage your mailing list. It is user-friendly and can be used by even the newest of marketers. If you need to expand your marketing horizons, it would be worth giving this network a try. Even if you’re a veteran marketer who hasn’t touched the Internet in years, you can still use autoresponders to expand your business’ reach.

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