Christian newsom autopsy photos

Christian Newsom is known for the beautiful work he does as an artist, designer and graphic novelist. His works are both stunning and sentimental. One of his most well-known works of art is the Christian Newsom Autopsy Photos. This famous photograph took him almost twenty years to create. It shows the aftermath of the fatal head injury sustained by Christian Newsom in a car accident.

christian newsom autopsy photos

Christian Newsom was working for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency when he was hit from behind while driving home from work. The accident caused him to have a severe head injury which resulted in several broken bones. He died on the way to the hospital. Because of the tragic nature of this accident, Christian Newsom’s family took their son to meet with the medical examiner to conduct an autopsy. The results of the autopsy proved to be extremely useful in convicting the driver of this accident, leaving the grieving Newsom family and friends with the task of knowing how to cope with their loved one’s death.

A close friend of Christian who worked with him at the Mankato Chemical Company, recalls the day that he saw Christian unconscious in the backseat of their car, motionless and with his hands folded on the steering wheel. He thought at first glance that he might not survive the accident, since this accident occurred while he was on his way to meet his friend Tim in town. Minutes later, however, when he saw the photo of Christian Newsom, he realized that the accident might have been much worse than he had originally thought.

The photo copy of Christian Newsom was amazingly clear and presented a very graphic picture of the scene of the accident. The blood on the scene was darker than what would be expected due to the fact that the victim was already bleeding profusely when he was hit. Tim’s friend also noticed that there were small rubber bullets near the victim’s head. This discovery convinced Tim that Christian had indeed been hit in the head and died as a result of the bullet.

Christian Newsom’s autopsy photos showed a major cut right behind the left ear, which led experts to conclude that this injury came from a high-speed car collision. Based on the photo copy, Tim’s father suggested that Christian had not been sleeping well and suffered a large cut beneath his ear as a result of being crushed by the windshield of the vehicle in which his friend was driving. Tim’s father was right, and according to Christian Newsom’s obituary, he passed away a week later at the age of 27. Tim’s father also noticed that Christian had scratches and a possible scar above his left eye, which corresponded to the police report of the incident. These findings strongly suggested that Christian was indeed not acting as a pedestrian when the accident occurred, but rather as a driver rushing to meet a friend.

In the weeks following the fatal accident, the Newsom family gathered evidence at the scene. The discovery of the body, along with Tim’s father’s hunching over the steering wheel, convinced him that Christian had indeed been driving when the collision took place. Tim’s brother, Ryan, was there that day with their mother. He confirmed that his brother had been in the passenger seat. The following day, Tim’s grandmother called their grandmother again, this time asking whether Christian was home that day. Ryan responded that he saw his younger brother at work the following day and returned to the mortuary to pick up more evidence.

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