Current news on indian automobile industry

current news on indian automobile industry

Current news on the Indian automobile industry is not easy to come by. There are many aspects of this industry that need a lot of attention and research. As a result, information is often scarce. This is because the automobile manufacturing industry in India is a very complex one. In any case, most of the relevant news that is relevant for the country is also related to the automobile industry.

First of all, you can easily find news about automobile industry on the internet. There are many websites that display the latest news in this sector. The major news portals like TOI and Caravan among others publish these reports. In addition, there are many television news channels that carry reports on all aspects of Indian life from the automobile industry.

However, the current news on the Indian automobile industry does not only relate to the automobile sector. There is also a lot of news about the Indian automotive industry that is not related to cars alone. For instance, you will be surprised to know that the news on Indian boat industry will also give you a number of interesting facts. As a matter of fact, the news on boats is quite interesting. It talks about how the country is progressing in the field of building boats and how it is becoming a world leader in marine engineering.

Another interesting feature of the current news on the Indian automobile industry is that it talks about the prospects of Indian boat makers. The report also discusses how the domestic boat market is faring compared to that of the car market. It is expected that there will be a significant rise in demand for watercraft in the coming years. The rise in demand is also expected due to the rising fuel prices and the increasing concern for the environment.

Current news on Indian automobiles is also concerned with the plans of the government for the introduction of the National Investment Guarantee Corporation or the Nidra. The news tells us that the corporation is likely to be established in six months from today. The corporation is expected to make investments totalling around Rs 26000 crores over the next eight years. The news tells us that the size of the investment is mostly secured through financial institutions and banks. The biggest sources of funds for the establishment of Nidra are Japanese and foreign corporations.

In case you are looking for current news on the Indian automobile industry, you need to know where to look. The news is easily available on the internet. If you want to know more about the auto industry in India, then you can log onto the internet and browse through several websites. The websites will provide you with recent news on automobile industry, as well as information on related industries.

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