Hartsville, sc newsome automotive repair shop

Newsome Automotive Heritage Museum is a place of attraction for the young and old alike. This auto salvage yard is considered to be the biggest one in the area. It has an exciting history that includes more than just classic cars. This place has also been called "The Big Mound" because of its great size. Located in historic Newsome, Alabama, this venue hosts many events each year that showcase different automobile models and their repair work.

newsome automotive hartsville sc

One of the most famous personalities to visit is NASCAR racer Jimmie Johnson. He is always spotted here with his colorful visors, which are actually the car’s own. A lot of people don’t know that Jimmie Johnson pays tribute to the racing scene every time he visits this place. A lot of the cars at the repair shop to have Jimmie’s visors on them as well.

Another celebrity to be seen here is A-pit rider Rich Little. He owns this popular showroom located at Westwood Boulevard and Claiborne Parkway. It was established in 1992 and is known for antique racing vehicles and classic cars. If you want to check out the collection of cars inside, you can either enter the showroom or drive down the block. The inside of the showroom is decorated with photos and memorabilia from races. If you are going to buy a car here, you can bring it home with you or take it with you to the dealer.

Ed Hunter is another famous NASCAR driver who visits this awesome automotive repair shop. He drives a Einar helmet which can be yours if you bring him your own helmet after the race. Other celebrities who frequently come to this shop include former champion Richard Shankland and back-to-back champion Bobby Bowlegs. These two men regularly go here to get their cars fixed and often take some friends along with them.

This shop is located just north of the exits for I-Drive and Claiborne Parkway. You will find it on North Main Street between Westwood and Claiborne Avenues. This shop specializes in Ford and GM vehicles. It is also one of the few places in the area that sells cars and parts from all of the three major manufacturers. The inside of the shop has lots of neat stuff inside like brochures and tool boxes.

Joe briefs the customers in the automotive section while explaining the parts needed to repair certain problems. If you are a good mechanic, you can tell him what it is that needs to be fixed and he can help you find it. The repair shop also sells accessories for most car models in the area including front air curtains, trunk covers, rear air curtains and spoilers.

The shop is run by Tom Spencer. He started his automotive repair shop in 1974 after purchasing a franchise. He wanted to start a business that was convenient for customers and easy to find parts for repairs. His shop now serves all of Hartsville and surrounding areas. He works seven days a week to accommodate all of the car owners in the area.

The newsome repair shop carries many different makes of cars such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Subaru. You can also find other types of vehicles here such as trucks, vans, buses and motorcycles. In addition to the cars, the repair shop also carries boats, RV’s, boat parts and equipment. The service is great and the prices are competitive. You can trust the people at this shop to properly diagnose any problem that you might have concerning your car or truck.

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