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Saturn has always been known for their innovation in the auto manufacturing industry, especially with the Saturn automobile. In the world of vehicle production, there is no other automaker that has been able to build so many different types of vehicles all with a stylish design. This has been the case for quite some time but only recently have they introduced something that is considered very new to the auto industry-the Saturn Automobile. It seems like they keep bringing out new models almost on a yearly basis, and with great pride they show it off at every auto manufacturing show around the country.

One of the newest Saturn models to hit the market was released this month; the Saturn S series. The S series is the entry-level car into the Saturn brand; it is extremely popular in the high mileage automotive market. Saturn made a huge mistake when they launched the S series; they created a car that had to be redesigned from the ground up because the existing Saturn S model was too small and heavy. They needed to build a new model that would fit in even bigger cars without making the engine difficult to drive in.

When the Saturn S series was redesigned, the result was a car that is extremely sleek, yet extremely powerful. Saturn made sure that they took out everything that was not necessary in a vehicle; this allowed them to make the S series lightweight without sacrificing any of the quality of the vehicle. Many owners have reported excellent fuel efficiency since they are no longer having to deal with the extra weight.

Saturn also announced a few upgrades to the S series; they have replaced the Saturn VII’s wheel cover with a new one that offers improved grip. The doors were also upgraded; they now feature a secondary locking mechanism to keep them secure. A new feature was added to the interior; the instrument panel has been relocated to provide a better view of the controls. Saturn did not announce any exterior changes; however, it is obvious that they have taken the opportunity to redesign the interior of the vehicle just in case there is going to be an upcoming major redesign.

Saturn did not announce any plans for an autonomous vehicle anytime soon, but rest assured that such a thing is on their mind. They are currently working on getting one to test in a variety of different driving scenarios. For now, they are focused on producing more Saturn models. They currently produce four vehicle lines including the S, X, XD and XM. The XD is their most popular vehicle.

The auto industry has not been idle for Saturn; they have been busy adding new features to their vehicles for quite some time. They have had a steady improvement for the last few years and it appears as though they will continue moving forward with innovative ideas. If you are interested in learning about automotive closing news, you can look through several magazines or visit your local newspaper to get the latest news from the auto industry.

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