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Every car enthusiast and racer should subscribe to the online newsletter, "Scalp-O-Rama," to keep current with all the scale auto racing news. It’s a great source of information. The articles are generally written by experienced car enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge about the subject. This information can be very valuable, especially if you plan to race scale models. It is also a good place to find out about all the new products being offered by manufacturers that are related to scale car racing.

You may have been told that there are only four kinds of scale model cars, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore other forms of racing. For example, your local newspaper might have a race of prototype cars on the weekends. These aren’t your everyday production cars. Scale model enthusiasts often attend these events and participate in the prototype car races. The Scalp-O-Rama newsletter will keep you informed about any new products or specials that are being offered.

A popular newsletter is "Car Sports Asia." This is published every Thursday and covers all types of car racing and supercar racing. You might want to subscribe to this newsletter to get breaking news on new manufacturers who are entering the supercar market. The latest news includes rumors of manufacturer backed initiatives to produce a more masculine, sportier model of auto racing.

The Sunday paper is another source of scale auto racing news. If you enjoy reading the sports section, this is a great place to get auto-related content. The Sunday paper has stories on several different auto racing categories. This includes national level supercar races. If you love the concept of buying and selling collector auto cars, you will love reading about auctions and how to find the best cars for your money.

You can get information on everything from used American flags at NASCAR racing events to rare collector automobiles and more. If you have an avid supercar fan in your life, he or she will likely be very happy to see you and share their latest discovery. If you like to read about the latest model cars for sale, this could be a perfect outlet for sharing some information about the newest trends in automobiles.

Whether you enjoy collecting, racing, or both, having up to date information about scale models will help you keep up with the industry. If you are looking for a particular make or model, you may also be able to use these resources to find out which vendors are offering the items that you are interested in. Many people get involved in the hobby simply for the excitement of it, but others do so because they are serious about collecting scale vehicles. No matter why you choose to become involved with scale auto racing news, it will be a lot of fun to read all of the latest information.

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