Newest auto review – september 2008

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The Autoweek News Brake test team has scoured the world over in search of the best brakes on the market. They’ve tested nearly every major brand and have come back with their verdicts in the Auto Week magazine. They’ve awarded points for each new model that gets their seal of approval. The latest Ferrari, Toyota’s new Segway, Nissan’s new Leaf, GM’s new Cadillac and the passing of legendary designer Pininfarina all get a place on the list.

Each one of these manufacturers has had their share of trouble in the market over the years, but they have risen from the ashes to become respected names. So how do they fare in today’s Auto Week? Surprisingly well, as the testers have voted them the best brakes on the market. The Auto Weekly News Brake takes special notice of such a big name car maker jumping ship, the new Ferrari, Toyota’s new Lexus SC and the sad demise of Italian design master Pininfarina.

This article has been brought to you by the experts at Autoweek. The authors of this article are independent testers who have driven hundreds of brakes for all different makes and models. We bring you the honest reviews of each product – free of advertising or hype. And we invite you to read our honest review of the new Ford brakes on our website.

The biggest break of the bunch for Ford brakes was the new brakes for the Fusion. For anyone who has spent any time with the Ford Focus, you know this car is all about smoothness and efficiency, and the Ford brakes are no exception. These brakes are firm, have great resistance and feel completely alive.

Another notable entry is Toyota’s new Lexus LS. This is another high-performance car with an incredible sense of fluidity. This vehicle also has some of the best brakes of any car in the world. Lexus has built a reputation for making fast, quality cars and their new Lexus sportbrake is the crown jewel in their crown.

The next item up for review is Toyota’s Prius. This Japanese sports car is another high-performance champ. As with the Fusion, the Prius also gets heavy duty brakes, which give it a truly sporty feel. The brakes of this car are light and powerful, which makes it easier for it to perform and handle. If you want a car that feels like a V-10 powered sports car, then take a look at this great all-wheel drive.

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