San jose mercury news auto show

san jose mercury news auto show

This coming season will mark the 10th San Jose Mercury News Auto Show. Hosted by Kurt Busch, this great event showcases all things automotive. Kurt Busch is a professional journalist that covers many different topics in the automotive world. He has worked for the Fox television network, the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, and he is now the lead producer of KTVI’s Car Talk. At this years show, he will be hosting an auto-show called "Car Talk Live." He will be joined by some very notable guests such as: California Highway Patrol officer Frank Corrado and TV personality Nancy Giles.

If you have been to a Mercury News Auto Show recently you know what a tremendous display of power and machinery is capable of. Hundreds of vehicles of every make, model and age are on display which will compete for your attention. Many of the cars are well over two hundred pounds and appear to be on their way to tearing up the competition. They are also much more than just a handful of examples of makes and models: in fact, there are some seven or eight cars that will compete at any one time.

As always, there are plenty of vendors on hand to provide everything needed by the crowd. There are also plenty of workshops to attend to learn some facts and practice techniques. Many times there are both mechanical demonstrations and photo presentations of some of the new inventions on the market today. Most times there are artists who display their latest work.

This show is synonymous with Mercury News Car Shows and has been for almost 30 years. Over the years it has been a venue where thousands upon thousands of cars can be viewed and those that have been sold are on display as well. The only rule of thumb when attending is to bring a camera. That is unless someone is showing off their latest and greatest car and wants to tell everyone about it. Otherwise it is a free for all and anyone is welcome to come and take a peek at what they have to offer.

Of course, all of the cars are on display for their own reasons, but the audience can get an idea of how well any car is doing. It also gives the public an opportunity to see what the newest trends are in the car world. When cars are constantly evolving, it is fascinating to follow them. The same can be said for the various makes and models that are on display as well. There is always something new to learn about.

There are certain criteria for entry into the contest. In order to be entered into the contest, cars must be running freely. These means that they must be able to be driven by anyone who is legally allowed to drive in the area and the cars must have had at least 90 days to be thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer. The judging criteria is not very strict, but it is the highest we can expect of a Mercury News Car Show. To keep your car stylish, it is best to take it in for the San Jose Mercury News Car Show.

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