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Leading motorsport magazines Autosport and Motorsport News has paid tribute to the Dunlop MBSA British Touring car Championship this month with special double edition commemorative covers celebrating its sixty year history. The magazine features four separate sections – the pre-season, the middle season, the ongoing season and the classic season. Each month the magazine will feature a different Touring car team in the top story of each issue. This year’s BTR special commemorative issue commemorates the silver anniversary of the crowning of its first world rally championship, the Rally Masters. This article looks at how the sport has developed since then.

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The birth of the modern Touring car racing scene can be traced back to the creation in 1963 of the BTCC – the British Touring car Championship. The aim was to create an alternative to Formula One, with the added difficulty of rally class cars. A mixture of styles and forms came together to form a unique spectacle which enticed enthusiasts from all walks of life. With the added benefits of an established track record, the British Touring car Championship quickly became a household name and a popular sporting activity for people all over the world.

The first season presented a significant challenge to the newly formed British Racing Drivers Association. Informed members realised that a streamlined, lightweight motor car racing series would be the ideal way to develop the skills of drivers and allow them to experience the thrill and excitement of rallying on a national level. They drafted a plan for a new championship with a new format and designated a committee to put their idea into practice. The BTCC was born. As the first season evolved, the competitors included some of the greatest names in motor sports, including Jackie Chan, Jackie Burke, Peter Bonnington, and Richard Benton.

The new format was simple enough. A short distance race from Brands Hatch in Kent, England to Brands-Hore in Nottingham was to decide the winner. The cars were to be based on the manufacturer’s specification, and there were to be some minor modifications to the cars. The cars used for the event were to be street legal, so all the modifications were done to create these regulations. During the season many alterations were made to the rules to introduce a chic look to the series. This has remained to this day as one of the major differences between the series and other motorsport events.

The first season also saw the introduction of a new motor sport TV show for the U.K. called the Autosport Show. This was to be a unique television event, as it would feature some of the best cars from the season in action, as well as featuring commentary from some of the world’s most respected drivers. There have been some great additions to this series since it began, and today it is the most popular motorsport TV show in the U.K.

Throughout the years the U.K. has seen the introduction of several different national highland games, with events such as the Highland Gathering held annually. The ultimate goal of these events is to promote the sport of archery, and to showcase the ability of archers of the UK and other countries to produce quality bows. Many of the vehicles used during these events are based on the classic Ford cars and trucks of the time. One of the current sports stars of Britain, Jason Jordan, drives a Ford Fiesta, which is based on one of these very popular Ford models.

For those who are fans of racing, and want to see some of the fastest cars in the world driving competition, there are several different types of auto sports competitions throughout the year. Some of these include the Car Driving World Championship and the European Le Tour Series. These events not only present the cars from the actual championship series, but they also present some of the newer races that are being held around the world. The World rally Championship is a completely separate and smaller championship series than the others, but it still showcases some of the best rally cars and trucks in the world. Auto Sport News has even released highlights of some of these races, including the British Open, the Formula D Racing round of the series, and the Autosport Honda Trophy.

It should be clear by now that there is a great deal of interest in automobiles and motorsport in the U.K., and an even greater interest in these cars and trucks in the United States. While many auto enthusiasts in the U.S. take their hobby very seriously, there is a huge group of enthusiasts who take their passion even further and race their cars at the highest levels of competition anywhere in the world. There is no better place to experience this type of sport than by watching live auto coverage on television, so subscribing to a series of networks that air these events on a regular basis is a must for the most dedicated of auto lovers. With a variety of networks providing coverage, and an endless amount of cars and trucks to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone when it comes to these popular sports.

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