The united auto workers news is a boon for car wash owners – but they should not decide this trade based on the news

united auto workers news

The United Auto Workers has been on strike since May of 2021, and they are looking for a raise. This is in the contract negotiations for the current economic downturn. There has been so much pain and suffering in this country that a lot of people have lost their jobs. This group of tireless workers just needed a break from all of the pain they were going through. The car wash industry is the largest employer of people in the U.S., and they need the car wash workers to survive.

So now, they are on strike. They are looking for a fair and reasonable contract that will allow them to continue making their good money and provide service to their customers. Many car wash owners blame the United Auto Workers for striking, but it is the car wash owners themselves that have let the workers go too long without a contract. The union should stand up for their rights and demand a contract that is in the best interest of everyone.

If the car wash owners were going to offer a fair and reasonable contract, and give workers what they deserve, then why did they fail to get one? It’s really quite simple to see. They know that if they continue to offer less to their workers, than more car wash owners are going to startle and close down their businesses. Right now the car wash owners are in a very tight spot because they do not want to lose business. If the car wash owners offered their employees a contract that was more reasonable, that would keep the business open until the economy recovered. Unfortunately, the United Auto Workers union and the car wash owners are both negotiating on an unfair basis.

We are now getting reports that the United Auto Workers union is trying to use fear tactics to get car wash owners to meet their demands and pay their workers fair wages and benefits. This makes no sense at all. Why would the union want to frighten businesses into paying their fair wages and benefits?

The reality is that the car wash owners have been fooling themselves for years. When the economy went into recession and car sales and employment took a huge hit, the car wash industry made out pretty good. However, once the companies got back to their feet, they were able to raise their prices and give raises to their workers, while maintaining the no-cost-periods that were part of their original contracts. This has been happening ever since. Why should the car wash owners suddenly start paying our workers better pay now?

This is the United Auto Workers’ union trying to scare the companies into giving them a better deal. If this happened, who would benefit from this? Do you think the company management would be willing to negotiate a better deal now that the union is threatening to go on strike again anytime soon? Obviously not.

I see the United Auto Workers’ union making a mistake here. If these workers actually cared about the workers, they would come to the negotiating table with an acceptable offer. If they did that, and the company gave them better pay, then the company would actually be in profit instead of losing money. And it’s the loss of money that really hits them in their pocket books. So I ask, why are they so hell bent on causing a bunch of car wash owners to lose money?

I would submit to you that the reason the union will not give the car wash owners a better deal right now is because they know that if they don’t win this battle, the workers might decide to unionize and try to get better wages and benefits for themselves. That means additional cost for the union and therefore better pay for the workers. So why don’t we just all sit down together and cut a deal that both sides can live with?

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