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Autoradio News is a weekly Italian magazine that aims to provide the most current information on the Italian music scene. The magazine has now expanded to include information on world renowned and up-and-coming Italian musician. This information on music festivals was particularly important to me as I am planning on going to some great upcoming music festivals in Italy this summer. I am looking forward to experiencing the music, the food, the scenery and all of it together in one great experience!

autoradio news

For those of you who do not know, Autoradio is actually an Italian television network that is totally dedicated to bringing you the latest news on Italian music, and more importantly – the latest music festivals. It started back in 1994 with the first music show in Italian ever to reach international audiences, "Tirreno do Mestre". This paved the way for Autoradio to gain wide popularity and coverage in other countries as well. In fact, more music festivals are being organized in Italy these days, and Autoradio has even received coverage on major cable networks like HBO and CBS.

In keeping with their coverage of musical events, Autoradio constantly brings you updates on various concerts, artist books, albums, and much more. One of the most popular Italian bands that gained popularity recently is Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is an illusionist and circus performer that gained worldwide popularity after performing shows in numerous cities around the globe, including London, Tokyo, New York, and Paris. The band itself consists of seven original members who have completely made the tour up themselves, like original member Armand De Maurellis. They currently have more than twenty-five albums and one hundred videos to their credit.

Another band that gained worldwide exposure through their music is the band Geeks. Their unique sound is inspired by punk, metal, alternative, classical, and more. Although there haven’t been many concerts in the United States yet, the band has already sold over one hundred copies of their self-titled album and more recently released a DVD of their hit video "The Quarry."

If you’re looking for an Italian newspaper that provides the latest information on local concerts, film festivals, and more, look no further than Autoradio. This paper covers the entire spectrum of music events in Italy. It’s also one of the most widely read and most widely distributed newspapers in Italy. Every issue features at least one article on local events, concerts, films, new releases, and more.

Autoradio brings you the latest information about music events in Italy. It’s the one place you need to go if you want to stay up to date on everything Italian. You’ll be able to find your favorite artists, see them performing right in your hometown, and read up on the latest trends in music. With online access available throughout the week, you won’t miss out on any newsworthy event – even when you can’t be there. For international readers, Autoradio delivers the latest news and music from around the globe, including concerts, movies, festivals, and more.

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