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Performance Loyalty Group was fortunate to feature in not one, but two recent Automotive News Articles outlining the results car dealer customers experienced utilizing newly developed customer-centric products to retain and gain loyal customers, build better relationships and increase bottom line profits. The article in question was "Performance Loyalty: How to Increase Customer Loyalty in an Automotive Industry That’s Going Green." This article provided consumers with some useful insights into what it takes to win customer loyalty and why customers are moving from conventional car dealerships to dealerships that offer environmentally friendly products, complete solutions and personalized service. The article also provided car dealer franchises with several industry quotes highlighting the industry’s key statistics and financial opportunities. The information in this report will prove beneficial to the franchising community.

recent automotive news articles

These days, there are a multitude of ways to obtain information about the latest developments in automobile technology. Many of these outlets provide up-to-date articles on recent advances as well as those that may be considered controversial. One way to stay current is to read Automotive Newsletters that is sent to you by car dealers all around the world. Newsletters are a valuable asset for those who own or manage car dealerships since they provide specific details on recent trends, marketing trends, and the successes and challenges faced by car dealers in their industry.

The Automotive Newsletters distributed by AMG Distributors are designed to give car dealers the latest information regarding new technologies, new products, new ideas and new trends. Each issue of the newsletter contains a variety of different sections that are dedicated to specific topics of interest to the car dealer industry. News sections include general industry news, recipes, service and repair news, trends in the industry, car dealer specials and business section. For the past 35 years, AMG has created Automotive Newsletters to provide subscribers of the newsletter with the most up-to-date and comprehensive industry information available. Each newsletter includes an article on a particular subject that was written by an AMG Auto Sales & Service Strategist, contributing to an informative piece.

Car dealers rely on these newsletters to keep in touch with their customers and to provide them with a better understanding of current market trends. Automotive News Articles is written by industry experts who have real world experience and are often reviewed by industry professionals before being posted. If you are a writer interested in writing an article to be used for a newsletter, you must submit your work to one of the many submission websites run by automotive journalists. These submission websites require an article of reasonable length and are designed to give credit to the writers who have provided information in the articles. Automotive Newsletters is distributed to hundreds of magazines and newspapers worldwide.

If you want to learn about recent trends or new product developments, you can search the Internet for recent articles written about your chosen subject matter. Some websites specialize in providing information about recent trends and articles written by business professionals are sometimes even posted on these websites for publication. Information in recent articles can also be found in personal blogs, which are usually maintained by business owners and employees. In addition to providing information in a newsletter, blog articles may also be used for marketing purposes.

To keep your car detailing or automotive business on top of new trends, it is best to do research on the topics of recent articles in specialty magazines. You can also check the online archive of specialty publications for articles that have appeared in recent issues. There are many car enthusiasts who keep up with the latest trends, reviews, and information through blogs. In addition to writing about recent automotive events, some blog writers may also write biographies of noteworthy automotive experts. If you are looking for recent information about popular cars, trucks, or models, a good source for the information you need is reviews written by professionals.

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